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Anyone else hear anything about this show and how it sounds EXACTLY like The Body Politic?

Body Politic Cast Update- Jason and Jenny on Fox tonight!
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Going back to Body Politic for a moment- Jason Dohring and Jenny Wade are both in shows airing tonight on Fox. Jason's guest-starring in the return of Lie to Me at 8, and Jenny Wade's new series, The Good Guys (starring the awesome Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks) follows at 9.

Searching For Sonny- Set Pics
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Some pictures of Minka and Jason on set of Searching For Sonny

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There are tons more pictures of Minka, Jason and others from each day of shooting at the official Facebook page, which you can find here! Make sure you 'like' the community so they can get more fans (their new goal is 2,000!).

You can also keep up with new info and photos by following them on twitter:

Facebook Pics
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A few pics of Jason (sorta) from the movie's Facebook page.

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Searching For Sonny- More plot details
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Here's an article from about the movie, with a lot more information about the characters and story.

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Searching for Sonny - Backers needed
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Andrew Disney, the writer/director for Searching for Sonny is still looking for backers to make sure the movie gets all the way through post-production. It's also something that anyone can do as contributions start at $5, so if 2000 people donate, they'd be all good :)

They're also giving away tickets to the premiere, set tours, 'special thanks' credits, t-shirts, etc, depending on the level of contribution, which is kind of nice. It would be great if ppl spread the word as well because it would kind of suck if the only thing we get to see of this movie is Facebook clips.

More casting news on Searching for Sonny
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According to the movie's Facebook page, Masi Oka (Hiro on Heroes) and Michael Hogan (Col. Tighe on BSG) have joined the cast of Searching for Sonny. Here's hoping that more known actors means more positive attention!

Minka and Jason starring together in a new movie
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Hey guys! Both Minka Kelly and Jason Dohring are starring in a new indie comedy, Searching For Sonny. The movie is being shot in Fort Worth, Texas right now and there's an official site, official Facebook, and Twitter up.

Here's a movie synopsis from the official site: “Searching for Sonny” is a film that tells the story of Elliot, Calvin, and Gary who return to their high school reunion to discover that their old buddy, Sonny, is missing under mysterious circumstances. After run-ins with the law, an ex-girlfriend, and the corpse of the high school quarterback, the mystery turns meta when they realize that everything happening seems eerily similar to a play they performed in high school – a play Sonny wrote.

Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, from BriTANick, are also starring.

Since this is probably as close as we'll get to The Body Politic cast reuniting, we're going to use this community for updates on the film. So if you're a Jason and/or Minka fan and interested, keep watching.


The Futon Critic reviews the presentation
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It's been awhile since we've heard anything, but I guess the BP screener is still making its rounds. The Futon Critic just posted this review
online (read the article at the link, per request at the site).

Bottom line was that it might have been fun if it made the cut. The cast is mainly what falls under the 'what works' column (they say that Minka, Dohring and company bring a nice charm to their characters, and that overall the cast is as likable as you could hope), and their complaints are similar to ours: things are made a little too easy for Frankie upon her arrival in D.C, and her voice-overs don't really work.

Check the whole article out for yourself. The odds are against us, but maybe the show will get another shot for the upcoming development season.

Are they f-ing kidding us with this?
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After passing up Body Politic for this piece of crap because they thought it was more in line with the CW's vision, or whatever line of bullshit they were throwing at us during pilot season, the CW has cancelled The Beautiful Life after two fucking episodes. Grr....


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