Full presentation, finally available!!!
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Patience, she has paid off! Many thanks to blastedtree for the head's up and link. You can download an .avi file of the full 31 minute presentation here. It's pretty good quality, much better than the clips that were released. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts (I haven't watched it yet myself- wanted to let you guys know about it).

Again, thanks blastedtree!

Ostroff confirms again that BP is dead
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I got a bunch of Google Alerts about this, and since it's been awhile since we've posted here, I'd thought I'd share this breaking news: Body Politic is still dead!

Straight from Dawn Ostroff's mouth at the CW TCA Tour:

Body Politic: Dawn Ostroff also confirmed that Body Politic (the promising pilot starring Brian Austin Green, Minka Kelly and Gabrielle Union) is definitely, definitely dead. According to Ostroff, programming the network this season was a real "Sophie's choice," because, "Literally every pilot we shot this year could have made the schedule this year...It was just a matter of where would it fit on our schedule...Honestly, it's just what did we feel we had the best opportunity to kind of break out with."

ETA: Another BP quote from her: "As much as we all loved Body Politic, it just didn't — we just didn't go with it. And I think the show hasn't been seen really by anybody because it was just a pilot, but the actors, the producers, the writers — they did a really good job."

Ausiello said, "Let it go, people!" Reason # 2934293829 why I hate Ausiello. Also, that quote about it from DO kind of makes it sound like a brush off, "it hasn't been seen really by anybody because it was just a pilot." Translation: You don't even know if it's good because it was just a pilot so all of this negative publicity for us can stop. But yeah, that's absurd. If people were flailing over "just a pilot" for any of the junk she did pick up, she'd be ecstatic.

BP icons
BP elevator love letter

more here

Misha Barton is Crazy -- Will the Show Air?, Or: An Update on the CW's Suckitude
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Not related, but source is here

Important part:

Following on the heels of "Access Hollywood's" revelation earlier Thursday that the actress has been placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold after police officers were summoned to her house on Wednesday afternoon, The CW is declining comment on whether or not this affects her employment status.

What the network will say is that production on the series begins next week in New York and the show will premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 16 as planned.

Whether or not the first few episodes will work around Barton or whether some other young honey -- there's plenty of them out there -- will step into the role remains to be seen.

UPDATE: In an email to the Los Angeles Times, Barton's rep, Craig Schneider, says that the actress' work on The CW show "will ultimately be contingent upon her progress and doctor's orders."

It looks like either MB will be recast, or the GG spin-off will finally make it on air. Or the long shot, I-will-sell-my-first-born-if-it-happens, BP will be picked up. Any thoughts?

Write-Up on SofaChip.com
The Best New Show We May Never Get to See: Body Politic on The CW

Who do we contact about showing our enthusiasm?

Very wishful thinking...
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The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the NBC pilot Parenthood, which was to air this fall on Wednesdays, is being pushed back to midseason because its star, Maura Tierney, is sick and undergoing an 8-week medical evaluation of her health. Filming was supposed to start July 28th for the fall premiere, but that changed everything.

Now NBC is supposedly airing another pilot, Mercy, in its place. Mercy was supposed to air midseason after Parenthood's run, probably because NBC picked up another hour long medical drama, Trauma, that's airing on Mondays this fall. While they're different enough shows, with NBC's limited development because of Jay Leno, two hour-long medical dramas launching in the fall isn't ideal for them. Especially since they were banking so much on Parenthood, which they already started advertising for.

If only they could pickup The Body Politic now and have it in the fall, right? It'd probably have to start shooting in the next couple of weeks, so it'd be crazy, but there's still conflicting rumors about how long the actors are under contract for. One of the rumors was mid-July, so if that's true, and only in a perfect world would any of this even be possible, that'd be totally serendipitous for NBC, right? It'd allow them one more option for midseason with Mercy in case any of their pilots crashes and burns (which lets face it, is more likely than not) and it would help out the cast of Mercy who were told today that they had to rush into shooting (I don't even know what problems this will cause for Gossip Girl since Michelle Trachtenberg, who's in Mercy, was supposed to be able to return for a few episodes specifically because the pilot was midseason, so the scheduling worked).

Again, it's only wishful thinking and I'm almost 100% our show is dead and this won't happen, but c'mon, wouldn't this have been a really great time for NBC to have picked up The Body Politic? It'd get instant buzz from all of the BP supporters in the media, it'd have a young and hot cast, and it'd be the only political geared drama in the fall season.

Detailed "Review" of CW Body Politic Presentation
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I promised I'd write my review of the Body Politic presentation that Jason showed us at the convention last month, so I apologize for the delay.

This is less of a review and more of an 'overview' I would say, for those that didn't get the opportunity to see it, as you already know that I loved it and thought it was great!  Just to make sure we're all on the same page, what I saw was the presentation that they showed to the network and what the bloggers and critics have seen. It is not the full pilot as the full pilot was not filmed in order for the CW to cut costs and save money. 

I'm also going to go on the assumption that everyone (that wanted) has read the script as it's pretty much out there now and there are multiple places to find it.  (If you haven't read it and you want to read it, please let me know as pretty much anyone can find it online if they knew the websites to check, so I don't mind emailing it out.) 

As a side note, I don't claim to be a TV writer, critic or blogger, so please ignore the quality of my synopsis and also note this is just my personal opinion/overview! ;) I re-read the script before I posted, to kind of refresh myself on some of the details, as believe me, my memory isn't this good and otherwise I would have just remembered Jason's scenes! ;) (Although, I guess some people may have preferred a Jason-only synopsis. Hee.)

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JD watch out he'll charm you
I saw the clips posted online, it looks so great! I was inspired to make some icons. I'm sad that this show hasn't been picked up. This show really deserves to have a slot in the fall line up. Sigh.


more here

Travis Yannan Reviews The Body Politic Screener
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Status: Busted...? (been a while since I heard anything, and can't remember if it was still in consideration for midseason or just completely dead)

For script review, see The Body Politic.

The impetus for my finally starting these screener reviews. I'll be honest, nothing has truly jumped out at me that I felt DEMANDED to be blogged about. Until I (finally) got my grubby hands on The Body Politic, a 30-minute presentation of the only CW drama pilot not picked up to series (besides the shocking Lily / Gossip Girl Spin-Off fiasco).

What a shame. What a horrible, crying shame that this presentation will not be completed and aired and loved by, um, millions? What passes for successful first-run programming on CW these days? 2.5 million? Yeah...

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A few days late with this, sorry!
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The CW Pilot You Were Never Supposed To See

Gossip Guy
June 25, 2009

The CW's fall pilot Body Politic was not picked up by the network, but there has been a groundswell of support on the net from people who have seen it and want The CW to reverse its decision and get it on the air as a mid-season replacement. You can count me among them. Clips that I have seen of Body Politic look promising.

Body Politic tells the story of Washington, D.C. politics through the eyes of up-and-coming staffers. According to sources on the web, the pilot which features Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), Gabrielle Union (Life), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights), Jay Hernandez (Six Degrees) and Tim Matheson (The West Wing), among others is not completely dead, but is a long shot to be revived. A Gossip Girl spinoff is still held in higher regard and of the two options would likely make the cut before Body Politic.

You can check out clips of the pilot here and judge for yourself.



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